Collateral Materials - Supplies


* Charles Edward Chapman, The Founding of Spanish California; The Northwest Expansion of New Spain, 1687-1783, 1916. The Macmillan Company, New York.

"In course of the preparations for Anza's second expedition Anza and Juan Jose de Echeveste were asked to draw up a minute calculation of the probable cost of the expedition. A translation of their calculation is given below, partly because it bears a relation to the northwestward movement, showing in one instance the expense which the government was ready to undergo, but more because of its interest from the standpoint of individual equipment, wages, and prices at that time. The estimates are in pesos and reales, eight reates being worth one peso. The present [1916] value of a peso would be fifty cents. I have seen copies of this document in three testimonios concerning the preparations for the second Anza expedition. The location and nature of the three testimonies are as follows:"

A. Certified copy, dated December 24, 1774, Mexico, in A.G.I., 104 16. (C-2496.)
B. Copy in A.P.C.H. of a certified copy, dated January 18, 1775, Mexico, in A.G.P., Californias, v. 72.
C. Copy in A.P.C.H. of a certified copy, dated March 20, 1777, Mexico, in A.G.P., Californias, v. 35.

The original is probably in A.G.P., Provincias Internas, v. 134, a volume which contains the originals of other documents in the file of papers concerning the authorization of the second Anza expedition. Jose de Gorraez certified that the copies mentioned in A and B conformed to the original, and Melchor de Peramas did so for the copy referred to in C. There are some differences in the three. B employs abbreviations of words, while the words appear in full in A and C. Certain obvious errors or omissions in some of the copies are corrected by use of the others. The translation is based on all three, with an indication in notes of some of their difficulties and differences. [Emphasis added]

"Minute calculation of the cost that it may amount to: for the wardrobe of thirty recruits, their wives, and the garments adequate for one hundred and eighty children, six for each one, half for males and half for females; for the arms, riding-horses, rations, and baggage for the service and transportation of all, from the province of Ostimuri to the presidio of San Carlos de Monterey, namely:

(Prices in reales or pesos per each article determined in 1916.)


"Wardrobe for a Man"

3 shirts of good Silesian linen at 18 reales
3 pairs of underdrawers of Puebla cloth of 4 varas at 2 reales
2 cloth coats which with their lining and trimmings are worth  
2 pairs of trousers, ditto  
2 pairs of stockings at 2 reales
2 pairs of chamois-skin boots at 10 reales
3 pairs of gaiter shoes at 5 reales
1 cloth cape lined with thick flannel at 11 reales
1 hat  
2 Puebla powder-cloths at 2 reales
1 ribbon for the hat and hair  

"Wardrobe for a Woman"

3 shirts at 4 pesos
3 pairs of white Puebla petticoats at 12 reales
2 pairs of petticoats, some of silk serge, others of thick flannel, and an underskirt  
2 varas of linen stuff for two linings at 5 reales
2 pairs of Brussels stockings at 4 1/2 reales
2 pairs of hose at 2 reales
2 pairs of shoes at 6 reales
2 women's shawls at 12 reales
1 hat 6 varas of ribbon

"Clothing for Ninety Boys"

5 pieces of cloth containing 180 varas at 12 reales
12 pieces of Puebla cloth for linings and white trousers at 6 pesos 4 reales
270 varas of linen stuff for shirts of about 3 varas at 5 reales
50 hats at 4 reales
8 dozen shoes for children of various sizes at at 4 pesos

"Clothing for an Equal Number of Girls"

270 varas of linen stuff for shirts at 5 reales
4 pieces of Puebla cloth 6 for petticoats and linings at 6 pesos
90 cloths for women's shawls of all sizes at 10 reales
2 pieces of thick flannel for little petticoats at 45 pesos
4 pieces of cloth of about 34 varas for undershirts a vara at 12 reales
12 pieces of ribbon for bands  
16 ditto of fine rope  
8 dozen shoes for girls of various sizes at 4 pesos
120 blankets, single bed size for all at 15 reales
120 shepherds' blankets at 5 reales


20 saddle-tree guns at 12 pesos
20 cases of those that they call fundas ordinarias of good timber at 15 reales
20 swords 85 pesos (total)
20 lances 40 pesos (total)
22 leather jackets of about 7 ases 13 each a vara and a quarter in length at 24 pesos
30 shoulder-belts with the name of San Carlos de Monterey at 11 reales
20 cartridge-boxes with 14 bullets at 10 reales

"Horses and Trapping for a Man"

60 horses, 2 for each recruit at 8 pesos
20 saddles at 9 pesos 4 reales
20 pairs of spurs at 7 reales
20 fine mule-bits at 11 reales
20 pairs of pads at 2 pesos

"Ditto for a Woman and Family"

60 mares at 8 pesos
30 saddles at 9 pesos 4 reales
30 fine mule-bits at 11 reales

"Baggage and Beasts of Burden"

20 mules at 25 pesos
20 instruments and things in connection with them at 4 pesos 2 1/2 reales
30 chamois-skin gripsacks for the soldiers and their families at 2 pesos
By 3 months' pay in advance to the lieutenant, sergeant, and 28 soldiers: the first at the rate of the enjoyment of 700 pesos a year; 450 to the second; and one peso daily to each soldier 2807 pesos (total)

"Collection of stores at the presidio of Tubac necessary for the expedition, of useful articles necessary for it, of cattle, provisions, and their conveyances, to ration all its people, reckoning 70 days' march, including rests, for 122 individuals, to which its number reaches, the expense of everything in detail and that of the aid [in useful articles] which it is bearing to the presidio of San Carlos de Monterey, namely:

1 flag with the royal coat of arms 12 pesos (total)
11 tents for cavalry of bramant linen, with wooden frames from those that the factory of the royal estate possesses, and [of a kind] that shall be fit for use, 10 for the 30 families and [the other] for the Father Chaplain. at 27 pesos
4 Biscayan hatchets well strengthened with iron at 3 pesos
4 spades ditto at 9 reales
4 shovels ditto at 3 pesos
1 small crow-bar 5 pesos (total)
10 ball cartridges 0
40 leather powder-flasks for blasting at 4 reales
8 iron pans at 2 pesos
10 copper campaign kettles 75 pesos (total)
12 large chocolate-pots ditto 6 pesos
1 case of iron pieces well adapted and arranged; 2/3 for horses and 1/3 for mules; with a duplicate key 82 pesos (total)
1 tool-chest [with the instruments] for shoeing horses 10 pesos (total)
2 blank-books for military registers at 2 pesos
Cattle and Provisions to Ration the People of the Expedition"
lOO head of cattle, one for each day at 8 pesos
30 loads of flour for tortillas at 8 pesos
60 fanegas of pinole at 18 reales
60 fanegas of kidney-beans at 5 pesos
6 cases of ordinary chocolate 225 pesos (total)
2 tercios of white sugar with 6 arrobas at 2 pesos
soap 12 pesos (total)
3 barrels of aguardiente for necessities at 71 pesos

"Table for the comandante and chaplain about which Echeveste is making a statement to His Excellency the viceroy against the objection of the party concerned [Anza].

1 case of beans with 7 arrobas at 5 pesos
25 pounds of pork-sausage at 1 peso
6 cases of biscuit 96 pesos (total)
1 ditto of fine chocolate with 7 arrobas at 3 3/4 reales
1 barrel of wine 65 pesos (total)
6 arrobas of cheese at 2 pesos
4 pounds of pepper at 5 1/2 reales
1/2 pound of saffron 3 pesos (total)
4 ounces of cloves at 6 pesos a pound
4 ditto of cinnamon at 9 pesos a pound
1 jug of "olive1 oil at 4 pesos
1 ditto of vinegar at 5 pesos
for the freight of all the pieces reckoned at 500 arrobas at 28 reales
for sleeping-mats at 4 pesos
1 ditto of vinegar at 5 pesos
for the freight of all the pieces reckoned at 500 arrobas at 28 reales
for sleeping-mats>  
4 divisions composed of 132 mules at 25 pesos
100 complete harnesses for the 4 divisions " 6~" at 6 1/2 pesos
20 mule-rivers with their respective monthly salaries from 8 to 14 pesos, reckoned for a journey of only 2 1/2 months 540 pesos (total)

"Provision and Aid for the New Establishments"

200 head of cattle: bulls and cows at 6 pesos
6 Indian cowboys at 1 real each day 52 pesos (total)

"Gifts for the Indians"

6 cases of glass beads that contain no black and abound in red, with 600 war-clubs at 8 1/2 reales
1 sleeveless cloak of blue cloth lined with gold 20 pesos
1 coat and trousers of chamois-skin 13 pesos (total)
2 shirts at 4 pesos
1 cap with its coat of arms like that of dragons 5 pesos (total)
2 tercios of highest grade tobacco containing 350 lbs. 262 pesos (total)
  [Total 21:927 pesos]

"As appears in the margin, the calculation of the outfit of the 30 recruits with their families and wardrobe, the arms, horses and trappings, baggage and beasts of burden, and other expenses of the second expedition of Captain Juan Bautista de Anza, from his presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac to that of San Carlos de Monterey, [amounts to] 21,927 pesos, 2 reales, in which quantity is included the estimated value of the effects at present in the royal estate here and at Alamos, to the end that one may at once gain a clear knowledge of the total cost of the expedition."