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Collateral Materials




Articles in Journals and Newletters
Chartrand, Rene. Leather Jacket Soldiers: The Cuera Cavalry of the American Southwest (1). Military Illustrated: Past & Present. 53:24-30. October, 1992.

Garate, Donald T. "Basque Ethnic Connections and the Expedition of Juan Bautista de Anza to Alta California," Colonial Latin American Historical Review, 4:1 (Winter, 1995): 71-93.

Garate, Donald T. Origin of the Name "Anza." Albuquerque, New Mexico: Spanish Colonial Sites Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 2, 1993. 2 pages.

Moorhead, Max. The Soldado De Cuera: Stalwart of the Spanish Borderlands. Journal of the West. 8:38-55. 1969.

Endnotes and Footnotes
Annotations and commentary by content scholars.
Primary Source Documents (Merged)
Chapman, Charles Edward. "The Echeveste-Anza Calculation of the Probable Cost of the Second Anza Expedition,"The Founding of Spanish California; The Northwest Expansion of New Spain, 1687-1783. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1916.

Unpublished Documents

Garate, Donald T. "Was he known as "Anza" or 'de Anza'?" Web de Anza <http://anza.uoregon.edu/people/name.html>. 1999.
Garate, Donald T. Anza: A Basque Legacy on the Northern Frontier. Proceedings of the 1st International Anza conference in Arizpe, Mexico. May 24-26, 1996.

Weitkamp, Bill. "Effect of Spanish Colonization on Native Vegetation." Typescript on file at Typescript on File at National Park Service Pacific Great Basin System Support Office, Planning and Partnerships Team, San Francisco, California. May, 1993.

Zazueta, Rina Cuellar. Sinaloans in Upper California. Proceedings of the 1st International Anza conference in Arizpe, Mexico. May 24-26, 1996.


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